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Toronto’s finest Certified Professional Dog Trainers who understand the needs of both human and dog.


 best dog training and puppy training in Toronto

Puppy Classes

 Best puppy socialization class in Toronto

We offer Toronto’s best puppy socialization classes, with a balance of socialization, training, and off-leash play. We focus on problem-prevention and puppy-specific challenges. The best part? We offer a flexible class schedule that allows you to choose which days work best for you.

Private Training

 Best dog trainer in Toronto

Do you have a busy schedule and can’t make our classes? Perhaps your dog has behaviour challenges that can’t be addressed in a group setting. No problem – we offer in-school and in-home private training to help you work through the rough patches and to give you one-on-one attention.

Reactive Dog Class

 Reactive aggressive dog training in Toronto

Does your dog bark and lunge at other dogs, making quite a scene on walks? Are you tired of the embarrassment and anxiety? We specialize in leash-reactivity and have the city’s only reactive dog class with lifetime support. There is help for your dog and we’re here to give you relief without judgement.


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"If you have a puppy, and want to start your relationship off right, sign up for Primary classes at The TCCE. One part psychology, one part communication and one part socialization (adorable, romping, play sessions), the program was perfect." 

-Karin T. & "Sisu"


The TCCE Online

We have launched our Online School!

Current offerings include online courses in Separation Anxiety, crate training, food motivation, and clicker training!

Check out these accessible and fun courses that everyone is talking about at and get started anytime!

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The Agenda with Steve Paikin

Check out Caryn's interview on TVO's show, The Agenda with Steve Paikin. Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts on Breed Specific Legislation. 

We are not supporters of Breed Specific Legislation!


Looking for a Fear Free experience at the veterinary clinic?

We've got your back! Local pet owners won’t need to imagine it if they visit The Toronto Centre for Canine Education in Leslieville. That’s because we are part of a new initiative sweeping veterinary medicine, designed to ease the fear, anxiety, and stress so many pets experience while at the veterinarian. Known as Fear Free, the training and certification program helps veterinarians modify their procedures, handling, and facilities to help pets feel safe and comfortable while receiving the medical care they need. Our role is to help you advocate for your pet and give your dog the skills and coping mechanisms needed to have a successful vet or grooming appointment. Click here to read the press release 

Specialty Services



The Toronto Centre for Canine Education offers FREE on-site continuing education for Veterinarians, Technicians and clinic staff.  

Dogs & Kids

We help families with dogs prep for the arrival of a baby, navigate the waters with a dog and young child, and teach children how to safely interact with dogs

Canine Care Certification Program

Do you want to become a pet professional (dog walker, groomer, pet-sitter or technician)? We offer an exclusive certification program for Canine Care Professionals exclusively at The Toronto Centre for Canine Education.

TBA - Get on the wait list!

Online Courses

Are you out of our service area or want to learn specific skills on your own time? Learn at your own pace through our NEW online school. 


Do you want to learn more about dog behaviour and training? 

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