It is not acceptable to use a shock collar on a dog and call it "training". It is beyond insulting to me, my colleagues, my mentors, my industry. It infuriates me to see it time and again. How anyone can think that sending an electric current through a dog's neck or genitals is an acceptable way to teach another sentient being how to "behave" is beyond me. It's the person holding the remote who needs to learn how to behave appropriately, as far as I'm concerned. 

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Treat Ideas for Dog Training

We are always being asked "what type of treats should I use to train my dog"? 

Oftentimes we have students who come to class and halfway through, their dogs lose interest in the treats. When we ask our infamous question "what's on the menu?", we find out that there's low value treats or even that the high value treats are cut too large and thus the dog fills up too quickly. 

We wanted to put together a list of some ideas for you that are quick, cheap, and easy...

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