Behaviour Challenges


We offer behaviour modification programs for:  

  • anxiety / fears / phobias
  • over-arousal / frustration
  • barking / nuisance behaviours
  • body handling issues
  • reactivity/aggression toward dogs or people

We start off with a related webinar to watch from the comfort of your home and a 30min virtual consult via video-conferencing software to get you onto our calendar rather than delaying the learning and behaviour changes until you see us in person. Our program is set up in a way that utilizes technology so that you can get started on the path to success within 24-48 hours of the day you register. No one wants to wait to see a trainer when they have a dog with behaviour challenges! 


Included in the $375+HST fee:

  • a related webinar
  • one 30min virtual consult
  • two private, in-school lessons
  • written custom training plan
  • resources and handouts

    How does this work?

    1. You'll register online, giving us a brief synopsis of your dog's behaviour challenges and complete your deposit online.
    2. Upon receipt of your deposit, you will be sent a link to a related webinar to give you a good foundation prior to working with us.
    3. You'll then book a 30min virtual consult with one of our trainers so that we can gather some history and provide some insight, a few quick management solutions (to prevent escalation until we can meet in person), and some homework to practice so that you have a head start to our private, in-person lesson.
    4. Next up, you'll come to work with us in a controlled setting where we will assess your dog's behaviour, give you some tools and techniques to reduce your dog's unwanted behaviours, change their emotional response, and teach them more appropriate responses.
    5. We will provide a written custom training plan within one week, including handouts and resources to supplement your homework.
    6. Lastly, you'll come back within 4 weeks for a follow-up session to keep the momentum and ensure that everything is working as it should. We will troubleshoot the challenges together and learn new skills to keep you successful. 
    7. At this point, we will recommend one of a few options: 

    Private Behaviour Modification

    For most behaviour challenges, we will recommend a package of lessons where we will continue our progress together until you have achieved the goals we set together. 

    • Private lessons are $165+HST each
    • Lessons are $150+HST each when purchased in packages of 3+

    Some cases may be seen in-home at our discretion and in our service area.

    Cranky Canine

    For dogs who exhibit distance-increasing behaviours such as barking and lunging at dogs while on leash, we have a specialized group class for exactly this! 

    • Four group classes are $225+HST
    • Lifetime alumni support via our closed Facebook group $included
    • Regular LIVE group support sessions $included

    Ad Hoc Virtual Consults

    Some behaviour challenges are considered "normal" dog behaviour and require much less work than a full behaviour modification program to follow. Instead, we may recommend management, some alternate behaviours, and some minor changes to daily life. In these situations, we will likely suggest following up via video-conferencing software or telephone as needed. Easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy! 

    • 30min virtual consult $60+HST
    • 60min virtual consult $120+HST