Cranky Canine Confirmation

You are confirmed to join Cranky Canine classes! Your detailed handouts will be sent after each class. Before coming to your first class, please ensure that you have read all the information below. 


Please enter via the main entrance at 388 Carlaw Avenue between the two Canadian flags - come in and down a few steps to your left. Follow the signs to get to us. This is the only entrance in the building that we are allocated - please ensure you do not use any other entrance or exit as there are other dog businesses in the building whose dogs may be considered a danger. See here for more details on parking and finding us.

Before your class

  • Ensure your dog is well; dogs that are showing signs such as coughing, sneezing, lethargy, diarrhea, vomiting, etc...should not be admitted to class. If your dog has contracted an illness, your responsibility is to notify us in advance of the class so that we can make appropriate arrangements. If you're not sure, call us before bringing your dog in! Better safe than sorry.

  • Tape your dog's tags together (or put them in your pocket) before coming into the building and if your dog wears a martingale collar that jingles, please remove it and use a flat collar if need be, to connect to their harness.

  • Prior to coming, we require you to read our School Etiquette by clicking here.


Arrival logistics

Every dog and handler team (2 ADULTS required) should enter the building separately and cautiously. Come in the main door and down the stairs toward our school. Remember to have your treats on you and ready to use as a treat magnet if need be! Find a spot in the hall to hang out and wait for us to call you. You can hide in the nook straight ahead of the main hall, or come toward the shipping elevator and into the hallway between that elevator and our school door (double doors), or go past our school door and just around the corner to the left. There are many places to hide - take the corners with a wide berth and keep your dog close. 

Please do NOT enter the class room until we wave you in. Bring all the necessary equipment and a HUNGRY dog. Your dog will eat enough in this class to substitute their dinner so please do not feed them within 4 hours of this class! 

If you are in doubt; instead, send your dogless partner in to ask if you think there is a delay or problem. We may not be able to see you so keep an ear open in case we call for you. 

We will escort you into the classroom into your "private suite" - please keep your dog close to you and avoid allowing them to jump on the dividers as they will topple over! One person can calm the dog on the mat with a stuffed Kong or equivalent and the other can unpack and get prepared. 

Please remember to arrive 5-10 minutes early - any earlier than that and you may run into students from the previous class!  

This is how the classroom looks during our Cranky Canine class - each dog and 2-handler team has their own private suite.

This is how the classroom looks during our Cranky Canine class - each dog and 2-handler team has their own private suite.

Latecomer policy

We understand that sometimes you run late, however, because this is a high risk class, the instructors have the right to deny any participants that arrive after the start time, without refunds or transfers. 

Second handler policy

Our Cranky Canine classes are high risk and require TWO ADULT HANDLERS for each class. This is a non-negotiable. Please ensure your second handler is available to join you for these classes or connect with us well in advance (at least 4-5 days in advance, ideally) to book one of our paid assistants. Second Handlers can be hired in advance at a rate of $35+HST per class. All of our assistants are either trainers, trainers in training, or past Cranky Canine graduates. Any student arriving without a second handler will not be admitted to class and this class will be considered as a no-show. 

What to bring

  • A mat or blanket on which your dog can settle.

  • At least one or two stuffed Kongs, marrow bones, Bully Sticks, or other long lasting chews that will entice your dog in a busy environment. We have great ideas - click here.

  • A treat pouch (we sell these at the school or you can bring something similar from home)

  • At least 250 soft, pea-sized treats (a FULL Ziploc baggie for example) - bring more than you think you will need. Please do not bring kibble, Zukes Mini Naturals, Beggin' Strips, carrots, etc... - they're too hard/dense/boring. Dogs prefer meat-based treats or cheese. Need treat ideas? Click here.

  • Your clicker (we provide you with one)

  • A properly fitted harness or head halter & a 6’-8’ non-retractable leash

During class

  • Come prepared for every class! The training starts before you enter, so have your treat pouch on you as you approach/enter the building and use a food magnet on your dog's nose if you need to.

  • Two adult handlers are required per dog. Children under 16 years are not permitted on the property due to the high risk nature of this class.

  • ALWAYS hold the leash! No matter how wonderful your dog's "stay" cue is, we cannot take risks in this class.

  • The barriers are visual only - they will topple over if your dog jumps on them and the sheets can be lifted if your dog investigates too closely. Please keep your dog as far from the barriers as you can by placing their mat in the centre of the suite and keep their leash at an appropriate length to prevent them from "snooping".

  • While waiting for instruction or during a demo, please have your dog relaxing on his/her mat with a stuffed Kong as this class is centred around relaxation and not arousal. One person should always tend to the dog and the other person can listen for instruction - two eyes on the dog at all times! Take turns throughout the classes.

  • If at any point your dog shows signs of excessive reactivity or anxiety, (including but not limited to excessive barking) we will assist you in helping them feel more comfortable, however if after 15 minutes your dog is still showing these signs, we will release you to take your dog home to recover and will follow up with a phone call within 48 hours to discuss other options for training (private lessons). We have to work at your dog's pace!

After class

Once our class has finished, we will escort you out in the order you arrived - allow for a brief potty break and then off you go! The next dog will be leaving within a moment or two. Please ask questions during class-time or via remote consultations or private lessons. We may have another class starting immediately and it's important that we respect the next group of students. 


You will receive an email after every class, outlining what was taught, step-by-step instructions, and resources.

These resources are included in your course fee and we ask that you support us as a small business and abide by the "no sharing" condition. This is our intellectual property, available only to our students, and we put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into its creation. Although we wish we could give it away as we strongly believe everyone needs access to this information, we need to pay our bills and fabulous team. So we are asking you to not share. Thank you! 

Cancellation policy

Your classmates depend on you! Missed classes are not credited. If you must miss a class, a 60 minute private makeup lesson can be booked for a fee of $150+HST and would cover the concepts in the class and a fake or live decoy dog, depending on availability. We ask that you make yourself available during the same week as the missed class so that you can be on the same page as the other students. Each class builds on the last.

If at any point your dog is unable to continue in classes, please let us know immediately upon diagnosis so that we can act quickly. Without immediate notification, your classes will not be credited. 


Please ensure you have read our policies in full - click here to view them and ask us if you have any questions!

During your series, please feel free to connect with us as needed with questions or concerns. If your question or concern is a little more in-depth than we can handle in an email due to ethics or time constraints, please book a phone consultation or private lesson. 

We are looking forward to working with you and your dog!