Separation Anxiety Protocol Confirmation

You are confirmed to start your Separation Anxiety Protocol! Your confirmation, preparation notes and resources are attached below. Before attending your initial assessment, please ensure that you have read all the information below. 

Before your check-in

To prepare for your consult, we recommend that you have your questions ready, a notepad and pen to take notes as needed, and that other distractions are put on hold (deliveries, calls, etc…) so that we can make the most of our time together. Remember that in order to assess your dog, anyone who is home at the time of our appointment will need to leave the home, so all roommates or family members should be prepared as well. Be certain that your dog has had a potty break and don't withhold any regular meals around the time of the assessment - we want this to be as normal and "organic" as possible. 

Wherever you answer, it may be helpful to have a device that you can move around with, if needed. A webcam-enabled laptop or tablet is usually easiest. Also, have your (fully charged) cellphone with you so that I can call you in from the absence! We'll chat for the first few minutes, so no need to set up too much in advance. 

Please ensure that we have your most current contact information (phone number) should there be any delays or connection issues. After three unsuccessful attempts (where messages will be left where possible), the session will be considered forfeit. 

What to prepare

  • A fully charged and/or plugged in piece of technology to record your dog - a webcam-enabled computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Your fully charged cell phone so that we can text you or call you with directions to come back in. 
  • Your Google Spreadsheet loaded on your computer so that you can see the upcoming steps if required. You may choose to use the app on your phone, however be aware that it is not great to use if you need to edit anything! 

How to connect

We use web-conferencing software called Zoom, which is accessible from computers, tablets and phones. It's not a bad idea to download the app to all your devices so that you can join in quickly as needed.

Click the Zoom logo to get started! Your trainer will provide you with your meeting ID and when you call in, you will be asked to wait for the trainer to start the call or you will be placed in the "waiting room" and be admitted at your appointment time. 

Our Zoom link is here: 
Our phone number is 647-893-5580 ext 594

Your trainer will also provide you with a phone number to text and we ask that it is only to be used for texting during your appointment and not outside of your appointment times - thanks for understanding! If you'd like to refer clients our way, please use our website or main phone number as this texting number is for current clients only.

Booking check-ins

It's a good idea to book well in advance so that you can be sure to get on our calendar! Please use the booking system to do so: 

To book a 60min check-in, click here: - Please choose the 60 min option when booking and you should receive a confirmation email shortly. 

After class

Once our class has finished, we kindly ask that you keep your pup on leash and pack up for home - please ask questions during class-time or via remote consultations or private lessons. We may have another class starting immediately and it's important that we respect the next group of students. 


Google Spreadsheet Tutorial

Google Spreadsheet Tutorial

Management Solutions

Management Solutions

Your Contract

Your Contract

  • Calming music:
  • White noise: /
  • Window film: (there are many options - please search for one that works best for you!)
  • more resources added as needed...stay tuned!

These resources are included in your course fee and we ask that you support us as a small business and abide by the "no sharing" condition with our contract and tutorials. Thank you! 

Cancellation policy

You can change/delete your booking up to 24 hours prior to your appointment, and we ask for 48 hours' notice if possible. You can add a new attendance up to a couple hours prior to class time. Missed appointments that are not cancelled through the system or confirmed by our office are not credited unless in certain circumstances (illness, injury, extenuating circumstances). 

If at any point your dog is unable to continue, please let us know immediately upon diagnosis so that we can put your package on hold. Without immediate notification, your package will expire. 


Your payment holds a spot in our calendar and prevents others from registering. Our four-week program is billed back to back and we ask for 2 weeks' notice for breaks such as vacation as this does affect our calendar and we need to limit the number of breaks. Without payment, our trainers' work will be put on hold and we cannot guarantee that your spot will be held. Please ensure you keep in contact with our office when you receive a notification that payment is due!

Additional Support

During your protocol, please feel free to connect with our office at or 647-893-5580 ext.0 should you have challenges outside of Separation Anxiety as your CSAT will only be addressing this behaviour challenge with you. We have other trainers that will address a variety of behaviour concerns and they will be billed separately. Oftentimes we are able to offer a discount to clients who require additional training services while within the dates of a Separation Anxiety Protocol.