Cranky Canine

Cranky Canine is a one-of- a-kind, specialized program for dogs who are fearful,
defensive, or offensive toward other dogs on leash. They often make
embarrassing displays including barking and lunging at other dogs. 

This program is taught by a qualified and certified instructor, a maximum
of three dogs per class, visual barriers between dogs, timed entrances and exits,
and a strict screening process to ensure safety for all students. Two adult
handlers are required per dog for safety. 

Our group classes consist of three dog-and- handler teams, working together on
learning coping strategies for reactive dogs, including impulse control, relaxation,
foundation skills, and building focus despite distraction. Most importantly, we
work on changing your dog's emotional response to other dogs while on leash.

    Cranky Canine (Group) Program for Dog-Directed Reactivity

    Tuition includes:

    • One 60min reactivity webinar
    • Two 60min in-school private training sessions
    • Four 60min group classes with LIVE decoy dogs to work with
    • Lifetime support via private Facebook group from instructors and classmates (past and present) with "setup" opportunities
    • Regular LIVE Q&A webinars for followup support from instructors


    Payment plans available

    Click here to read about our Specialty Class Policies.

    Requirements: Dogs must be 8 months of age and up, friendly toward people and up to date on Rabies vaccine (within 3 years or titer test). Rescue dogs must be in your home for >1 month. Children under 16 years of age are not permitted in the school during Cranky Canine classes for liability reasons - please arrange for childcare if this applies to you! Each dog must have TWO adult handlers and we do not make exceptions to this requirement for safety reasons. Please ask us for creative solutions for solo handlers (dog walker, friend, family member, neighbour, or one of our paid assistants).  Click here for the form we ask that your vet sign if your vaccination proof is from outside Ontario. A letter from your vet stating acceptable titer test results gladly accepted.

    Have a dog who is reactive to people? Cranky Canine group classes are not suited to this type of reactivity due to the high number of people in the room. Instead, register for our Private Behaviour Modification program and work through the same curriculum in a more controlled environment. 

    I highly recommend the Cranky Canine program! After completing the 4 week program just last week we have seen huge changes in our 9 year old rescued Pit bull Misfit! Being a dog with poor socialization skills using the tools we were given I can now manage her outbursts while out on the streets more effectively than i ever could. Caryn and Mirkka take the time to make sure you not only understand the exercises but demonstrate ways for you to over come the specific challenges of your dog. I would not think twice about recommending them to any of my friends in rescue or anyone who owns a pet with “ special” issues.
    — Amy W. & "Misfit"
    We took the Cranky Canine course with our dog and it was amazing. We now have the tools we need to walk our cranky canine in downtown Toronto and our dog is much happier now that we can better manage his anxiety. I cannot recommend this course enough for anyone who as a dog with leash reactivity.
    — Stephanie K. & "Koko"
    Classes at TCCE with trainers Caryn and Mirkka have been an amazing experience and helped so much! Our dog Dakota came to us from the Humane Society with a host of issues, but with the phenomenal care and support that was provided we’ve made huge progress changing her behaviour patterns. All this with a progressive, positive training approach.
    — Michael W. & "Dakota"