Online Courses


Teach your dog from the comfort of home

We want to reach dog-lovers in all corners of the world and so we are thrilled to offer short courses that are web-based and self-paced. These courses are affordable and easy-to-follow, with lots of support from your instructor and classmates. All of our courses are consistent with the teachings of our school; positive reinforcement is the name of the game! 

Some courses may launch earlier than expected!


General Courses


A course in canine crate and confinement training - great for puppies, new adoptions, and for dogs of all ages who need a little "me-time" in their world.

$75 CAD


Struggling with your dog's separation anxiety? We have a DIY course for those wanting to work through it on their own without the daily support of our Certified Separation Anxiety Trainers.

*This course is not self-paced - it is a timed course for 4 weeks*

$300 CAD

Leave it!-logo.png

A course in teaching dogs to ignore items such as socks, pills, poop, garbage,  and bones. Bonus: a crash-course in "drop it" for when you weren't watching. 

$75 CAD


A course in helping your dog feel more comfortable wearing a body harness. Bonus: a crash-course in collars for tags, and head halters for powerful pullers!

$75 CAD

Reactivity Series

Reactivity 101-logo.png

This course digs into the why and how of reactive behaviour (specifically toward dogs and people). Students will learn about canine body language, behaviour, how dogs learn, and dispel common myths.  

$75 CAD

Enviro Mgmt-logo.png

Environmental Management is one of the most important parts of modifying reactive behaviour in dogs. Learn how to control the environment as best as you can for your reactive dog. (Pre-req: Reactivity 101)

$75 CAD

Finding Zen-logo.png

Reactivity in dogs is most commonly rooted in fear and anxiety. The outbursts that we see are byproducts of emotions so we start at the root of the problem. (Pre-reqs: Reactivity 101 & Enviro Mgmt)

$75 CAD

Do This Instead-logo.png

Once we have changed our dog's emotional response toward their trigger, we can start to ask them to perform specific behaviours that replace the old (undesirable) ones. Learn some basic behaviours that are easy to implement. 

$75 CAD

enriched dogs-logo.png

A bored dog is a naughty dog. Providing daily enrichment for our dogs is part of their basic functional needs. Don't know where to start? No problem - we've got you covered! Also a great resource for rainy days! 

$75 CAD

Self-Care -logo.png

Caring for a reactive dog can be emotionally draining and very isolating. Self-care for dogs and humans is something rarely discussed in behaviour modification programs but is key for long-term success (for both ends of the leash)!

$75 CAD


6 short courses Included, plus access to our private Cranky Canine FB group for additional support and monthly LIVE chats with your instructor and classmates!


Recommended Online Courses

This course is designed to help people become comfortable and confident when maintaining their dog’s nails at home. 

When you’re able to clip your dog’s nail yourself, you can avoid the stress that comes with going to the vet or groomer as often as proper nail care necessitates.

$39 USD

After implementing the Housetraining 123 Plan, your dog will understand where his elimination locations are, and you’ll have a housetraining system in place for the lifetime of your dog. Topics addressed are below.

$25 USD