Get Started: Orientation

Interested in signing up for classes, workshops, or private behaviour modification? Come to our FREE Orientation to learn about body language, canine communication, how dogs learn and an introduction to clicker training! Get to know us before you commit - be an educated consumer!

Orientations are held frequently in order to allow students to get started sooner than later. If you cannot attend a scheduled Orientation, or would like to get started sooner than the next one is planned, please let us know and we will send you our online version. 

Orientation is 2 hours, humans only, and mandatory for all new students. This event is free, open to the public, and no obligation. 

While we welcome children (6 yrs+) in our classes, we ask that all Orientation attendees are 15 years and older due to the length of the session, the content, and the limited space. If you are registering for Cranky Canine, please speak to us first as that class includes our Reactivity & Aggression webinar in place of this Orientation. 

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Upcoming Orientations may be delayed due to an injury - please contact us for the online version so that you can get started sooner! 


Only one registration per household (dog) required, two seats will be held.