Post-Secondary School

For graduates of Secondary School

Our Post-Secondary School program is for any and all dogs who have a good grasp of the basics through our Secondary School program. We use the infamous Control Unleashed curriculum, developed by Leslie McDevitt and we strongly suggest purchasing her books to support you as you work through this program.

Dogs will benefit whether they are agility stars or couch potatoes. Students will learn how to turn stress into fun and distraction into focus. We will teach our dogs to relax, focus, and work reliably in high distraction environments, creating a focused and confident dog. 

Prerequisites: Secondary School (or subject to assessment). Dogs must be friendly toward dogs and people. Dogs must be up to date on Rabies vaccine. Titer test results gladly accepted. 

Requirements: Dogs must be friendly toward people and dogs, and up to date on core vaccines (Rabies after 6 months of age). Rescue dogs must be in your home for 1 month, showing no signs of behavioural challenges such as reactivity/aggression. Click here for the form we ask that your vet sign if your vaccination proof is from outside Ontario. A letter from your vet stating acceptable titer test results gladly accepted.


Tuition includes: 

  • 5 group classes in 5 consecutive weeks
  • Detailed handouts ($35 value)
  • Certificate of completion

Next series is Tue Sep 26 @ 7:00pm