Primary School Supplemental Resources

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Supplemental Videos

Biting, Nipping, & Zoomies



Leash Walking



More videos to come!   

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In the meantime, check your Puppy Handbook (above) - it has TONS of great information!

A course in canine crate and confinement training - great for puppies, new adoptions, and for dogs of all ages who need a little "me-time" in their world.

This course is web-based and self-paced, with unlimited access. 

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This course is designed to help people become comfortable and confident when maintaining their dog’s nails at home. When you’re able to clip your dog’s nail yourself, you can avoid the stress that comes with going to the vet or groomer as often as proper nail care necessitates.

Lori Nanan has been generous enough to offer our students and exclusive discount code to use for this course, bringing the cost down from $39 USD to $25 USD!

Use the code TCCE2018 when registering and enjoy the course - it was a life-changer for us! 

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