Private Training & Behaviour Modification


We offer private training and behaviour modification from basic behaviours to anxiety/fears/phobias, handling issues, and reactivity/aggression toward dogs or people.  

**Ask us about our discounted private training for puppies under 5 months who are also attending our Puppy Socialization program!  

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Behaviour Modification

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Perhaps your dog has behaviour challenges that can’t be addressed in a group setting. No problem – we offer private training in a controlled environment (to start) to help you work through the following behaviour challenges:

  • Dog-directed reactivity & aggression
  • Human-directed reactivity & aggression
  • Resource guarding
  • Anxiety, fears & phobias
  • Body handling

Initial fee includes:

  • A related webinar
  • 60min in-school assessment & training
  • Handouts, resources, referrals as needed

Followup lessons include:

  • Hands-on private training
  • Trained "decoy" dogs and people as needed
  • Handouts, resources, referrals as needed
  • Discounted packages available

Initial package


Dealing with Separation Anxiety? Click here instead! 

Private Training


Do you have a busy schedule and can’t make our classes? No problem – we offer in-home private training to help you get the same behaviours but with one-on-one attention.

Fees include hands-on private training for the following behaviours. Detailed handouts included.

Puppy-related training (<6mo):

  • nipping/biting
  • zoomies! 
  • crate training
  • separation training
  • barking
  • jumping
  • leash-biting
  • leash-walking
  • potty training
  • handling
  • socialization

The Basics:

  • eye contact
  • polite walking
  • sit-stay
  • down-stay
  • recall
  • say please
  • leave it
  • drop it
  • target
  • go to mat
  • relaxation

Nuisance behaviours

  • barking
  • jumping
  • counter-surfing
  • scavenging
  • begging
  • destruction

Packages available: 

  • 3 lessons $375+HST
  • 5 lessons $625+HST

These packages do not include complex behaviour challenges. See "Behaviour Modification" above.

Dogs & Kids

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