Weekly Puppy Support Webinar

As a bonus for joining Primary School with The Toronto Centre for Canine Education, we are thrilled to offer you access to our Weekly Puppy Support Q&A. This is a live weekly meeting that allows you to ask your puppy-related questions and get answers!  

While we strive to answer all questions and address all topics in classes, we know that it simply isn't possible. We want to support you as best as we can and so we are providing this to you as part of your class fee.

Even better, if you can send your puppy related questions in to us in advance, we'd appreciate it even more! 

Please ask your question using the form below:

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Only current Primary School students are eligible to attend at this time - if you are not, please contact us to book a session or sign up for classes!

Students in our Primary School program (and recent grads) will be emailed directly with information on how to attend these weekly LIVE Q&A sessions. Please ensure that you add us to your "safe senders" list and watch for your invitation! 


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