Secondary School

For friendly dogs of all ages

Group dog training classes are the perfect environments for you and your dog to learn if you have a friendly, healthy dog and you want to teach your dog to focus on you despite minor distractions.

Our regular group classes are structured and themed so that you work on relevant behaviours each class and can start applying those skills in real life situations right away. Our group training is family-friendly so children 6 years and up are welcome to attend! 

Our Basic Manners classes are exactly what you are looking for, whether you have an older puppy, an adolescent, an adult, or even a senior dog! We cover all the basics so that you can feel confident bringing your dog to the vet, to visit family and friends, and to walk around in public. All without embarrassment!

We are proud to be Veterinarian-recommended especially since we have three Fear Free Certified Professionals on staff, whose focus is to prepare dogs for fear free vet visits for the rest of their lives. 

See the various packages below and get started today!

Requirements: NEW students must complete an online Orientation (link will be emailed upon registration) and submit the 3 secret words via email. Dogs must be friendly toward people and dogs, and up to date on core vaccines (Rabies after 6 months of age). Rescue dogs must be in your home for 1 month, showing no signs of behavioural challenges such as reactivity/aggression. Click here for the form we ask that your vet sign if your vaccination proof is from outside Ontario. A letter from your vet stating acceptable titer test results gladly accepted.

Classes are 50 minutes in length unless otherwise noted - this is to prevent fatigue and overfeeding. We always have the best interest of your dog at heart! 

$275 +HST Tuition includes:

  • 6 Secondary School classes to complete within 12 weeks

  • Detailed handouts

  • Access to a closed Facebook group for our Secondary School students for support!

  • Weekly LIVE Q&A support sessions until 6mo past your start date!

  • Discounted private lessons and products during your series!

  • Certificate of completion!