Specialised Separation Anxiety Program

Does your dog vocalise when left alone or separated from you? Are you receiving complaints from the neighbours or are you coming home to a new disaster every day? Tired of being told to exercise your dog and leave a stuffed Kong? We hear you. You’ve probably tried everything.  

Separation Anxiety and Isolation Distress are resolvable behaviour challenges, especially thanks to our intensive, supportive protocol. We work with cases all over North America and have a tremendous success rate. 

We know exactly how it feels to have a dog who experiences anxiety when left alone - the guilt, frustration, anguish, and helplessness. Get in touch with us and let us relieve YOUR symptoms too! 

You have TWO options:

Online Course: DIY Independence Training

Let a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer guide you toward success without the financial strain of a one-on-one protocol!

  • This course is web-based and you can access it from anywhere in the world, anytime.
  • You can join any time and take as long as you need to complete this course. Ultimate flexibility!
  • You won't feel like you're on your own! We provide support in a closed Facebook group and there are opportunities to get help when you need it.
  • We offer a free trial so that you can be an educated consumer and get comfortable before committing.

Our program starts Sep 4, 2018 - pre-register today and not only will you get our Early Bird Pricing, but you can also expect to receive helpful materials in your inbox, so'll also be able to get started immediately.

One-on-One: Customised Virtual Protocol

Let a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer give you AND your dog some relief by providing almost-daily support and a customised training plan!

  • This program takes place over web-conferencing software so we can observe and assess your dog's behaviour when left alone. 
  • You can join any time and hold a consistent spot in our calendar so we can dedicate the time you need to be successful. 
  • You won't be alone in this process - with a CSAT as your personal coach, you'll have all you need!
  • We offer a free trial so that you can be an educated consumer and get comfortable before committing.  

We know that modifying home-alone issues can be stressful and we want to make it stress-free for you AND your dog! 


Caryn Liles was the first Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT) in Canada and co-taught the internship program for other Trainers to receive their certification in Separation Anxiety training.