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We will be offering a range of food, however, we are unable to guarantee vegan or gluten-free / allergy-free options, so if the standard options do not suit you, we ask that you bring appropriate snacks or a bagged lunch.
These fake dogs are used for demos and will be clearly marked with a collar/tag with your contact information to prevent loss. Please let us know how many you are able to bring.
If so, please notify us of the organization(s) and your number for processing. Eg., CCPDT 123456. You may also email this to us at a later date.
Don't have a code? Contact the group organizer and they should have received it from us.
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Service dogs wearing a service dog vest are permitted according to Ontario Human Rights' Laws. The requirement is that the owner has a disability and dog is trained to assist the person. The owner and the service dog may not be denied access to any public facility.
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