Specialty Classes


Our specialty classes offer curricula quite unlike any other – Toronto's only reactive dog class, the first of its kind "Fear Free Handling" class, basic to advanced classes that build focus and attention in high distraction environments, and fantastic short workshops. We have created specialty classes to meet the growing needs of Toronto’s dogs and we always set you and your dog up for success!

 Specialty dog training classes in Toronto

Cranky Canine

Cranky Canine is a one-of- a-kind, specialized group program for dogs who are fearful, defensive, or offensive toward other dogs while on leash. They often make embarrassing displays including barking and lunging at other dogs. 

This group program consists of three dog-and-handler teams working together on learning coping strategies for reactive dogs, including impulse control, relaxation, foundation skills, and building focus despite distraction. Most importantly, we work on changing your dog's emotional response to other dogs while on leash. Safety is our priority; there are visual barriers between dogs, timed entrances and exits, and a strict screening process to ensure safety for all students.  



4 classes in 4 consecutive weeks

Fee does not include prerequisite program. Click here for those details.

Fear Free Handling


One of our favourite classes! We love preparing dogs for the Vet and Groomer because it means our colleagues will be safe when handling our clients' dogs. 

If your dog is resistant to restraint, cranky with clippers, bonkers over brushing, or flat out stressed when it comes to vet visits or grooming sessions, this class is for you. 

Using the same techniques used in zoos, we will help your dog become a willing participant in their own care. It doesn't have to be stressful or dangerous - let's make it a game! 

Tuition includes:

  • A detailed handbook (value $35) 
  • Tools (stethoscope, otoscope, etc) (value $40)
  • Daily support between lessons via a private Facebook group for feedback, accountability and video homework review 
  • Certificate of completion

Requirements: Dogs must be friendly toward dogs and people. Any bite history relating to handling or otherwise must be disclosed at time of registration. 



6 classes in 6 consecutive weeks

Next course starts: TBA

This class is being taught in collaboration with Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Registered Veterinary Technician, Andria Gordon. Both instructors are Fear Free Certified Professionals

Scent Skills

 Nosework dog training classes in Toronto

A dog's sense of smell is about one thousand times more sensitive than ours. We use a dog's keen sense of smell in many ways from Search and Rescue missions to detecting narcotics, bed bugs or diseases. In our Scent Skills program, we develop your dog's scenting skills to search and locate a target scent. These exercises burn off mental and physical energy, and reinforce the human-animal bond.  

If you wish to prepare your dog for Sport Detection Trials, a Canadian dog sport where the dog locates an essential oil scent within a search area, we will use specific essential oils. At the end of the Scent Skills classes, the teams have the opportunity to participate in a Designated Odour Test (DOT).  

Tuition includes:

  • A detailed handbook (value $35) 
  • Certificate of completion

Prerequisites: Basic level program (subject to assessment), handlers must be clicker-savvy. Recovering reactive dogs must be approved by our office in advance.



6 classes in 6 consecutive weeks

Next course starts: TBA - this class is temporarily unavailable