Virtual Consultations

Many of our clients do not reside in our service area or have difficulty transporting their dog to our location. We have an excellent solution for these case - virtual consultations! We offer virtual consults for a variety of challenges all over North America and beyond. No one is off limits. 

Virtual Consults


Our virtual consultations take place over the phone or over video conferencing such as Zoom or Facetime / Skype / Google+ Hangout. 

The goal of our Initial Consult is to gather information and provide management options and resources. We appreciate video footage in advance of this meeting if possible, without putting anyone at risk for harm. Once complete, we will design a custom training plan to be discussed and implemented in our Followup Consult which is included in the fee. This Follow up will take place within 1-2 weeks (at most) of the initial assessment. 

Future Follow up Consults may vary in length, from 30-90 minutes, depending on the challenge. We may recommend in-person training to supplement some behaviour challenges. 


$60+HST for each 30min

When booking your first consult, please choose 60min

Supplemental resources may be provided for you to watch/read prior to our appointment, such as a related webinar or article. 

If you are working with another positive reinforcement based trainer or a Veterinarian, we are happy to include them in our discussions at your request. 

In order to remain a current client, no more than 2 months may pass without a Follow up consult without having to reassess. 

(Fees are displayed in CAD. Ontario residents add 13% HST)