These are some of the webinars we have recorded with our fabulous partner, dog-iBox: Stay tuned for more!

For Pet Dog Guardians

Choosing a Puppy

Choosing a puppy is a very emotional decision and a lot of important factors can be easily overlooked. How to spot a reputable breeder and how to pick a puppy will be a good fit for your family. Tips on researching the best breed for you as well as what to look for in a puppy at the initial meeting.

This webinar is geared toward those who are looking to add a puppy to their family, as well as pet professionals hoping to aid clients in their decisions early in the process.

Resource Guarding in Dogs

Dogs naturally guard resources that are valuable to them. This could include food, toys, bones, dirty Kleenex, a bed, or even a person. While this is an evolutionarily advantageous behaviour, it is not a safe practice.

There are varying degrees of severity but it's best to nip this one in the bud whenever possible. Learn all about resource guarding, how to prevent, manage, and modify this complex behaviour challenge.

Sound Sensitivities & Noise Phobias in Dogs

Learn all about sound sensitivities and phobias in dogs - why they happen, what they look like, how to manage and modify, and lastly, to what else they are connected. Useful tips on environmental management and science-based training will also be included in this speak.

Grow Up, Already!

Is your rebellious teenager driving you nuts? Not that one - your dog!

Adolescence is a challenging time for all species - dogs go through “the change” as well. In this webinar we’ll give you coping mechanisms for those moments when your dog blows you off after a recall, chews your furniture when you’re at work, steals food off the counter, starts barking at other dogs while on leash, and gets into the occasional scrap at the local dog park.

Grab a pint of ice cream and sit back with this webinar - you’ll feel better soon.



For Pet Professionals

Puppies ABC for Dog Trainers

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We know this to be true in all aspects of life and especially so with young puppies. Let's talk about all the ways we can prevent problems from forming or being exacerbated while puppies are in their critical developmental periods. We can set puppies up for success from the get-go, focusing less on obedience and more on creating positive associations, automatic behaviours, resilience to stress, good habits, and attention on us. As a bonus, working with the human side of the equation during this sometimes stressful and always sleep-depriving experience.

Setting Up Your Own Puppy Class - Part 1

The first part of this 3-part webinar series will cover all the logistics and planning required to set up puppy classes for yourself. Topics will include market research, location options, curriculum and schedules, booking systems and customer service. This webinar will get trainers everywhere off to a good start in planning your own puppy classes. A good, solid foundation is needed and this is it.

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Setting Up Your Own Puppy Class - Part 2

The second part of this 3-part webinar series will cover the "business side" of puppy classes. Let's talk about marketing, advertising, branding, partners and affiliates, finances and policies. These nitty-gritty details are what we trainers shy away from, but it doesn't have to be that hard! Don't let yourself get overwhelmed. I can help!

Setting Up Your Own Puppy Class - Part 3